Emtech Labs


Emtech labs provides top quality Emtech brand name products, exhaustive technical assistance, cost effective Ecotec brand label products, earth friendly green products through our Greenworks line, and in addition we provide our distributors at their discretion, their own unique brand products accompanied by custom designed labels. Emtech labs in addition to the fore mention will now provide at the distributors option a registered domain name, website, and catalog. If the distributor already has a preexisting website and domain, what Emtech Labs will then do at the distributors discretion is link from their site to the Emtech server. From this point a direct link will be made to the distributors specific product catalog containing all of the distributors private labels, S.D.S. and a form that submits and e-mails the distributor with the customers information and request for a quote on the product(s) they have chosen. Emtech Labs relentlessly strives to provide the overall complete solution through our research and continuous support and understanding of our business partners. With S.D.S. on demand, directions for use via our online P.D.S. and our experienced technical staff, you are sure to meet your business needs every time. Become part of the Emtech Labs network of support, understanding, progress, and growth. 
Our Mission
 We work continuously to improve, to create and manufacture quality innovative products, to provide service and support in a manner that helps our customers improve in their over all performance.

Core Values

 - Integrity. We do the right thing. Firm trust.

 - Confidenence. We produce quality products with consistent standards.

 - Reliability. We do what we say we are going to do with a sense of urgency.

 - Open Communication. We respectfully express our concerns and ideas.

 - Innovation. We value new ideas and breakthroughs. 

Our Product Line
 Emtech Labs prides itself on its unique formulations that are a culmination of our employees’ decades of experience and research in the chemical industry. The number one goal of our product formulations is cost effective performance. Our product line includes products for disinfecting, floor care, general cleaning & degreasing, industrial cleaning applications, odor control, bio-enzyme products, metalworking, and other specialty products. Emtech Labs also manufactures customer specific product formulations.  

Our Facility
 The primary production facility and company headquarters of Emtech Labs is located at 580 Cemetery Street, Norcross, GA. 30071. (North Metro Atlanta, GA.). This facility is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered production establishment. In addition to manufacturing, we stock cleaning supplies and light equipment for the convenience of our customers. 

Email Us
 If you have any questions please email us. We welcome the opportunity to work with you. For more information, Contact Us.