Neutra Fresh Lemon Disinfectant Versus Bleach

  • Neutra Fresh Lemon Disinfectant Versus Bleach

    This comparison is between Emtech Labs’ Neutra Fresh Lemon, a water based Quat type disinfectant, and Bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite) at 8.5% concentration which is the strongest household Bleach Solution commonly sold. These products are compared below based on the benefits commonly expected from one or both of these products.


    Although Bleach may give the appearance of cleaning because it oxidizes matter, giving surfaces a brighter or whiter appearance, Bleach does not contain detergents or other added ingredients that actually aid in hard surface cleaning. Therefore, it is not a good hard surface cleaner. However, it is good for stains, although the soil still remains.
    On the contrary, Neutra Fresh Lemon does contain detergents that allow it to penetrate through soil for better hard surface cleaning, as well as better soil removal. Note: When disinfecting a heavily soiled surface, both products require pre-cleaning. If the soil is not too heavy, Neutra Fresh Lemon can be used to pre-clean.

    Contact time

    A common belief is Bleach kills instantly. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Bleach is required to stay on the surface for 5 to 10 minutes prior to rinsing, depending on the area to be disinfected.

    Neutra Fresh Lemon requires a 10 minute contact time for disinfection.


    Both products are effective deodorizers by killing bacteria and viruses that cause odors. However, when it comes to their individual odors, some may find the natural Chorine odor of Bleach to be irritating, while others might associate the Chlorine odor to cleanliness. Some think “the stronger the better”. This association is dangerous because it could lead to overexposure of Bleach vapor (see Easy to Use below).

    In contrast, Neutra Fresh Lemon contains a mild lemon fragrance that provides immediate mal odor relief.

    Easy to Use

    The way these products are used is governed by the EPA. As registered products, both products have to be used as shown on the label. Both are identified as corrosive materials, having the capability to cause irreversible eye damage and skin burns. Eye and skin protection should be worn when handling these products. Read the products’ Safety Data Sheet before use.

    Germ Killing

    The Bleach label claims it kills 99.9% of common household germs. Claims made for killing germs are also regulated by the EPA. While a product might be capable of killing bacteria and viruses, one can only be assured the product will kill bacteria and viruses listed on its EPA approved label. Below is a list of the bacteria and viruses that Bleach and Neutra Fresh Lemon specifically claim to kill:




    Bleach is best used to remove stains in applications such as outdoor pressure washing and household laundry. It is a lower cost method for household disinfection.

    Neutra Fresh Lemon is the better choice for institutional disinfection. It is preferred based on its long list of bacteria and viruses killed, and being better for indoor air quality versus Bleach.